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Assimilated Spaces

Assimilated Spaces

To assimilate is to take in, assess and incorporate as one’s own.


The works to be shown during “Assimilated Spaces” are a result of direct observation of tangible spaces. Much of the work on display is based on the reactions and relations present, or absent, within the context of space.“Assimilated Spaces” aims to explore the intersection between real and imaginative spaces, and how these are interpreted by the participant artists. The process by which the works were created was an exercise in analysing surrounding and imaginative environments.


The work attempts to reassess and re-qualify our relation to everyday space, most of which are often looked over.


Exhibition took place in 2014. Participating artists were Sabrina Calleja Jackson, Sarah Maria Scicluna, Andrea Zerafa, Gabriel Buttigieg and Ryan Falzon.

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