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Stejjer Imfewha - A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition

Stejjer Imfewha

Stejjer Imfewħa highlights human experiences and stories around traditional, and some not so traditional, uses of herbs, spices and flowers found in intercultural heritage. Some of these stories highlight a true identity to the different cultures and also present stories of people experiencing these traditions for the first time. 


The intention of this project is to shape and preserve these anecdotes into something other than just a flower, spice or herb. Stejjer Imfewħa is a follow up from the project Ħwawar u Fjuri, which first took shape in 2014 where a number of participants and invited artists engaged in 3 workshops where intercultural and multigenerational dialogues were created.  The participants explored and interpreted a number of artistic forms, such as visual, written and audible art. Stejjer Imfewħa called for different age groups as well as different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, which helped to create Stejjer Imfewħa - A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition. 

Stejjer Imfewħa - A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition dwells into different forms of expression such as installation art, written and sound art, photography, performance and drawing. This exhibition which take place in 2016 at the Inquisitor's Palace in Birgu, presents the results of a collective assemble of research and information, presented in a creative way so as to ensure audience gain experience and also award experience.

Stejjer Imfewha
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