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X242 - The Xarolla Windmill Project

X242 - The Xarolla Windmill project

X242 is an artistic collaboration between Żurrieq Local Council and artists Sabrina Calleja Jackson and Ryan Falzon taking place at the Xarolla Windmill in Żurrieq, a fully functional windmill dating back from 1724. 


The idea is the setting-up of an open studio and exhibition space, also providing a meeting place for artists from various artistic practices. The project also served as a means for sharing ideas from invited collectors and art enthusiasts who were more than willing to experience art beyond a conventional gallery. X242 served as a platform for upcoming artists to work within a gallery and setup context. 


Exhibitions held at the Xarolla Windmill:

  • A Junction (January 2015)

  • Assimilated Spaces (May 2014)

  • Ambivalence (November 2013)

  • Titlaq/Tasal (July 2013)

X242 - The Xarolla Windmill Project
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