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Artist group X242 shall be presenting a selection of visual art which is to compliment the production of ‘Is-Siġar imutu Wieqfa’, by Alejandro Casona.


Andrea Zerafa shall be questioning the ideal state of death, while Ryan Falzon is to present a series of structures which, although are physically weak, they are still erect. The death of three trees, whether by natural death or poison, is the starting point for Sarah Mamo’s works. Perfection and the questions arisen by this subject, are to be explored by Sabrina Calleja Jackson and Sarah Maria Scicluna. While Sabrina would be splitting basic forms and presenting them in a distorted, unstable manner, Sarah shall explore the ways by which humans aim to achieve this perceived perfection. Artist Robert Zahra joined X242 for this exhibition. Using mixed media, Robert’s work portrays trees in full force.


The exhibition took place in November 2013, at the Teatru Salesjan in Sliema.

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